Meet Sandra

A couple of years ago I made a leap by quitting my job as a nurse and starting my own business.

What I was going to do exactly wasn’t clear to me at this point, but from choice and curiosity it all grew naturally to where I am today.

I have a global online business, I am part of multiple businesses and teams as marketing manager, global coordinator, personal assistant and graphic designer and I am a mother of two beautiful children. 

Our life is busy, sometimes chaotic, full of adventure, new developments, change and of course filled with warmth and love. We grow continuously as individuals and as a family. Wat contributes a great deal to this are the people around us who work with energy and increasing of awareness.  

I can write a book about my past, where I came from, what I’ve been through and all that I have learned. But all that matters is the here and now and the future we are heading into.

I try not to look back at the past too much, only to revisit some of the beautiful moments that increase my gratitude even more. I will keep my eye on the future and trust that everything I desire will come to me, and more than I can ever imagine. The past few years have shown me that really anything is possible.